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Saul Canelo Alvarez vs. Gennady GGG Golovkin: Preview & Predicitions

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Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez vs. Gennady 'GGG' Golovkin Preview & Predicitions

 Canelo ggg rematch

The time for Canelo - GGG II has arrived, it’s fight week!
One of the biggest fights that can be made in the boxing universe will take place  this Saturday at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Canelo Alvarez and Gennady "GGG" Golovkin will square off in a rematch, after their first fight in September  ended in an extremely controversial draw.
A lot has gone down since these two did battle last Septemeber. Canelo popped positive twice for Clenbuterol in Feburary, forcing him to bow out of their original rematch date which was May 5th. That an entire episode has forced a major rift between the two fighters. These two actually went from liking and respecting each other in their first match, to actually disliking one another. This should be excellent drama and theater for fans watching because this could mean more aggressive exchanges and attacks compared to their previous fight. Don't get me wrong, their first fight was a clean competitive bout. A bout in which each fighter had their moments, but with that being said - it did feel to me as if these fighters respected each other just a little too much. Both Canelo and GGG seemed quite tentative to let their full arsenal of attacks go. I believe that all the drama that has taken place over the past year, will lend itself well to viewers seeing these two men lay it all on the line. Let's talk about what I expect to happen this Saturday.




The first fight between Canelo and GGG was a solid competitive fight from top to bottom. I have watched that fight on three seperate occasions. I still feel as though GGG clearly won 7 out of the 12 rounds, but a draw was not the end of the world for me. It was really a close fight. I believe that this fight will be a completely different story than the first one. As previously stated these two no longer like each other, and I believe that will have a dramatic effect on what takes place inside of the ring September 15th.  


Canelo ggg rematch


GGG will not change his fight style at all for the 2nd fight. He'll charge forward, trying to put Canelo on the ropes and look to punish him all night long. Golovkin’s mentality will be slightly different this time around. GGG believes he can take Canelo's punch, look at the shot he took from Canelo in their first fight!


That was the same shot that completely separated Amir Khan and James Kirkland from their senses - GGG ate it like it was a fuckin jab. With that on his mind I believe GGG will charge forward with alot more reckless abandon looking for that knockout. Another change in the second fight is GGG will throw a lot more body shots, trying to wear Canelo down. He connected on only eight body punches in their first fight! That's not enough for a fight of this caliber.


Canelo ggg rematch

Now for Canelo, it did seem like he was the superior technical fighter. It looked to my eyes like he had a lot more tools in his bag than GGG. Early on he was hitting GGG with some excellent combinations, and he seemed to be beating him to the punch in the first couple of rounds. Then as the fight wore on Canelo seemed to get fatigued. This was his first true fight at 160 pounds and it showed as the fight wore on. If Canelo can find some way to condition himself for the full 12 rounds, he may have the chance to actually beat GGG cleanly on the scorecards.


All this talk about Canelo knocking GGG out is nonsense to me. GGG is a tank that can take any punch Canelo can throw at him. Canelo's best chance is to outbox and beat GGG to the punch the entire night. The only problem for Canelo is his habit of trying to fight off of the ropes. I believe that GGG will not be afraid to really step in this fight and that may leave Canelo open for some shots. Another fear is Canelo falling into the Mexican-style fighting trap that GGG's camp has been trying push. If he stays head to head with GGG at close range, he will lose the fight. GGG's camp wants him to fight Mexican-style, it’s their best way to win.


GGG will take a lot more chances than he did in the first fight. Golovkin will look to push the pace from the opening bell. GGGs chin will hold up when the waters get choppy and Canelo will tire again, like he did in the first fight. 
Give me GGG by Split decision 116-112, 115-113, 114-114.
[Written by Terrence Hinds Jr]

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