Danny Garcia vs. Shawn Porter: Preview & Predictions

Danny Garcia vs. Shawn Porter: Preview & Predictions

Danny Garcia vs. Shawn Porter, vacant WBC Welterweight Title

This Saturday Danny Garcia and Shawn Porter will fight at the Barclays Center, in Brooklyn, for the vacant WBC Welterweight Title. Brooklyn, New York is a place both fighters are very familiar with.

It's actually quite funny how this fight came to be. Keith Thurman had elbow surgery for an injury he claims he suffered before he fought Danny Garcia. Thurman has not been healthy enough to defend his welterweight titles since March 2017. As a result the opportunity for Danny Garcia and Shawn Porter to jump in and seize the moment.
Shawn Porter took that last statement literally.
After Garcia's knockout victory over Brandon Rios, Porter jumped into the ring to confront Garcia about a potential fight. Danny didn't take too kindly to the disrespect and the result was a war of words. 


I'm really having a hard time trying to figure out what is going to happen in this fight. These two fighters are evenly matched. Garcia & Porter are former world champions who have competed in multiple world title fights. It would be hard to imagine either fighter getting caught up in the moment. 

Danny Garcia is an excellent overall fighter with very few holes in his game. Garcia is fundamentally sound, an excellent counter puncher, and he's sturdy as all hell. On one hand, I could see Garcia catching Porter with a couple of counter shots on the way in, that could alter the fight in Garcia's favor. Danny also has that majestic left hook, which has stopped many different fighters in their tracks. Ask Amir Khan. 


For some reason people continue to doubt Danny Garcia and he always seems to prove them wrong. He's a mentally strong fighter that never quits on himself. 

Shawn Porter is a DOGGG as well. Porter is like a rabid wolverine, once he gets inside on you he is bound to do some serious damage. Porter is a very explosive athlete with amazing cardio and endurance. We've never seen Porter out of shape for any of his fights. I could easily see Shawn Porter swarming Garcia, making the fight extremely ugly and making it a long night for Danny.
There's also a possibility that Danny will not throw enough punches to keep Shawn off of him. The results would be Porter stealing some rounds. Porter has excellent head movement and creates great angles using his footwork. Check out his fight against Adrien Broner below. Porter absolutely shut him down Broner staying in his face all night long. 



As previously stated this fight is absolutely tough to call and it is completely 50/50 in my eyes. I predict that the power of Danny Garcia will be the difference. I predict he will catch Shawn Porter with a couple of shots as he is trying to rush in, and Porter will be forced to adjust his game plan. If Porter fails to adjust, I predict Danny Garcia scores a semi-early stoppage. 

Prediction: Garcia by Split Decision. 

116-112 Garcia, 115-113 Porter, 115-113 Garcia. 

 [Written by Terrence Hinds Jr / @keepinit_tj]

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