Floyd Mayweather Earns $9 Million in 2 minutes to end 2018!

Floyd Mayweather Earns $9 Million in 2 minutes to end 2018!
Floyd Mayweather:
Best of 2018, Mayweather’s 3 Round 3 Min Exhibition for $9 Million
mayweather nasukawa

The fight was two minutes long. Floyd earns more in that time than at least 90% in his profession. Most fighters would have to fight in a championship fight, against an elite level fighter, on PPV to earn that pay‼️Floyd fights Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa, in a non-televised, 9 minute exhibition, boxing rules. Mayweather did minimal promotion.

Most people in this world are trying to use their talents & passion to get as much out of life as possible. When Mayweather does it though, it really irritates people. If 41 year old Floyd Mayweather wants to make $N I N E M I L L I O N for wearing the gloves for 2 minutes...Let him.

As we said when the fight was announced: if most could, most would. There’s only one Mayweather. 

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