Mikey Garcia's Master Plan Includes Errol Spence Jr.

Mikey Garcia's Master Plan Includes Errol Spence Jr.

[Written by Terence Hinds Jr.]

Mikey Garcia is a special fighter.

That statement was accurate before this past weekend & it was only reinforced after Mikey's dominating win over the former IBF Champion, Robert Easter Jr.. Garcia put all his skills on display, neutralizing Easter’s height & reach advantages with sharp footwork & precision timing. Garcia was even able to drop Easter in the third round just as I predicted he would during the fight preview. The performance came as no surprise to me but what happened after the fight really grabbed everyone's attention.

Mikey Garcia wants to fight Errol Spence Jr & he seems to be dead serious about it. I mean he called him out right after his fight with Spence sitting right there in the crowd! Watch it here below. 

This moment is why I love this sport so much. It was professional, but very raw & intense. Errol Spence Jr is one of the most feared fighters in the sport right now. Fighters in his own weight class seem to be apprehensive about taking him on. Here comes Mikey, calling out one of the baddest fighters two divisions above the weight class he just fought at.

Mikey Garcia has fought in the Super Lightweight division. He took on Sergey Lipinets for his IBF title & he looked great in that fight. Mikey's power definitely moved up with him as he was able to drop Lipinets for the first time in his career. With that being said Welterweight is a whole different animal & Spence is a whole different beast than Sergey Lipinets.

This will definitely be a high risk fight for Mikey but from watching all of his comments about it, he seems to be dead set on making the fight happen which is a beautiful thing for boxing fans.

So on the flip side of this, what does this fight do for Errol Spence? First of all Mikey has been saying Spence’s name for a while now so for Spence to shy away from the fight would be hypocritical. Spence has been calling out the likes of Keith Thurman, Shawn Porter, & Danny Garcia. Spence does not seem to be shying away from it at all though. Watch his interview with the Showtime crew below. 

He's absolutely loving it. Of course Spence would be the heavy favorite because of his size, & power but Mikey can still be dangerous because of his technical ability & ring IQ. Spence would definitely have to focus all the way through to ensure he takes care of Garcia.


Now some people will say that this situation is a “lose-lose” for Spence because most fans & experts would be expecting him to win & if he does most would put the win in the “That's what he was supposed to do” category. I see it the complete opposite way though. I see this fight as a great opportunity for Spence to take on a huge name in Mikey Garcia. 
The fight would have the hype, anticipation, & cache to be a Showtime PPV fight. There are really no other available options for him at the moment. Danny Garcia & Shawn Porter are about to get it shaking September 8th, Keith Thurman is still recovering from his injuries & Terence Crawford is still on the other side of the block with Top Rank and ESPN.
Errol has stated numerous times that he wants to fight three times in 2018 and a fight in December with Mikey would fit both of their schedules perfectly. So I believe that the fight gets made for that time and we can all sit back and watch greatness. Mikey is daring to be great so I say let him.

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